Dauvia Nijenhuis

In 2011 she graduated from high school and started to make her own designs at home for friends and family members. Soon people noticed her creations and she started to get invitations to participate at fashion shows where she showcased her fashion collections. From there on, women wanted a Dauvia Designs and since then more women, both Africans and non-Africans are wearing her designs.

In 2016 Dauvia was among the few selected African fashion designers who was picked by Vlisco, a design and manufacturing company of original Holland wax African print fabrics. Dauvia was selected by Vlisco to produce a fashion collection out of their new fabric collection.

In 2016 Dauvia won an Award for best African designer in the Netherland, and she couldn’t be more honored to be recognized for her work. Dauvia Designs is a feminine brand that embrace the best of both worlds, the African and European. With a mission to gain the rest of the world with her clothes.