Kwame Koranteng is at AFWEU (Amsterdam) on August 27th

Kwame Koranteng

Kwame Koranteng is a renowned multiple award winning bespoke designer and stylist for men and women based in London. After working for George bespoke Tailors as the head designer, Kwame joined KGTKKT couture in 2009, which is now called Kwame Koranteng Bespoke Tailoring as the head designer and stylist.

Kwame Koranteng also creates handmade gentlemen's formal wear accessories on request.
In Kwames own words: Mr Kwame said," fashion is not by knowing how to put the colours or garments together, its about understanding the language of the garments, the rhythm of the material while putting it together. Its about knowing where the next piece goes or understanding the body that will wear the outfit without seeing the body first that's how I describe fashion in my own world.