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Melissa Oehlers is at AFWEU(Amsterdam) on August 26th

In 2013 heeft couturier Melissa Oehlers het Haute Couture merk GHIMELLS opgezet.
GHIMELLS richt zich op vrouwen tussen de 25 en 45 jaar, die het belangrijk vinden dat hun uiterlijk uitstraalt wie zij zijn en wat hen speciaal maakt...

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Miss Pearl is at AFWEU(Amsterdam) on August 26th

In Thailand born Pearl Dronkers studied at the Fine Art college in Chiangmai Mai and attended several fashion design courses in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. Pearl has won several prizes at Thailand Young Fashion Designer ( 2003 -2004) organised by Niranrat, a famous dress making school in Thailand...

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Rachid Assoui is at AFWEU (Amsterdam) on August 26th

Rachid Assoui (born in Marrakech), first moved from his home country Morocco to Venezuela to finally land in Amsterdam, where he found the right atmosphere to live the life he wanted and to start creating his couture fantasies.

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