Hiske Hottinga

Hiske Hottinga is a Dutch fashion designer, born in Arnhem in 1993.

Hottinga started cultivating her own style at a young age. She realized the importance of fashion and communication and started her personal way of communicating with the world, translated through fashion.

Using her passion for nature and her fascination with the diversity of beauty in all her strangest and sometimes even absurd forms, Hottinga started developing projects around fashion. Fashion allows her to unravel her expressions in a language none are familiar with, occasionally herself included.

One of her projects is the label 'Hiske Hottinga'. During her research of ‘Natures Palette’, Hottinga searched for places of inspiration where magic and reality converged. Inspired by Iceland's immense unknown beauty, she came to realize that fashion can function to enhance a wholesome experience. Just as Iceland's beauty is not merely defined by a landmark, but rather by the entire scenery, scope, sounds and smells. This sets the stage to start unraveling the label 'Hiske Hottinga’.