Lesia Semi

LESIA SEMI is the Ukrainian brand of women’s ready-to-wear clothes and accessorizes founded in 2014 by the designer Lesia Semi.

The brand’s philosophy lies in elegancy in simplicity and smart functionality. Modern urban design combines with experiments in cutout, special attention to materials, textures, internal handling of garments. Aesthetics is based on line vividness and laconism of forms, complex constructive cutout with external simplicity and comfort in wearing simultaneously. In collections natural fabrics are used. The designer creates goods on delicate balance between conceptuality and wearability, ideas and comfort. LESIA SEMI is a modern brand for women with independent sense of style, realization of intellectual approach to clothes.

The brand offers full range of clothes – dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, dress pants, jackets, blouses, outdoor and evening clothes. For every collection individual lines of accessorizes are created. According to the conception all garments (including even evening clothes) are oriented at practicality, using in various situations and with different assortment of accessorizes.